Fixio Driver Finder finds and
updates drivers automatically

3 Easy Steps to enhance your PC Performance, allowing your PC components to run smoothly.

Application built for Windows XP,
Windows Vista & Windows 7


To use the update/repair features,
an activation key is required


With the push of a single button, FIXIO Driver Finder will proceed to quickly scan your PC. During the scan, FIXIO Driver Finder will look for any outdated, corrupted or damaged driver that might create conflicts between your devices and software.

Find a Solution

Once the scan is done, FIXIO Driver Finder will compare the results against its 30,000+ driver database. Should there be newer, better drivers available for your PC, FIXIO Driver Finder will notify you and give you the option to update.


Finally, FIXIO Driver Finder will backup your drivers to insure you have a copy of your drivers as they were before the process. After the backup, FIXIO Driver Finder will replace & update all problem drivers. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes!


Enhance your PC Performance

With access to 30,000 + drivers, FIXIO Driver Finder allows your PC components to run smoothly


Peace of mind

FIXIO Driver Finder enables you to automatically update your drivers database so you don't have to look for drivers ever again.


Easy to use

With FIXIO Driver Finder's user-friendly interface, you can repair, update or replace your drivers easily!

To use the update/repair features,
an activation key is required

" After searching for hours I still had not found the right driver for my sound card. I decided to install FIXIO Driver Finder to see if it could solve my problem. Within five minutes, FIXIO Driver Finder was installed and my sound card was up and running! "

Jay F. – NY